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Bridgewater Way


1920's to present day

In the 1920’s Bridgewater Collieries were sold to Manchester Collieries which was nationalised in 1948 Similarly in 1923 a new Company was formed to acquire the estate owned by the Ellesmere family in Worsley and other parts, this Company being incorporated as Bridgewater Estates Ltd, subsequently purchased by a Peel Holdings group company in 1984.

Coincidentally in 1987 Highams Ltd acquired a majority shareholding of the Manchester Ship Canal Company (subsequently the shares held by Highams were transferred to Peel Holdings). In 1994 the Manchester Ship Canal Company became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Peel Holdings group. In 2004 the Manchester Ship Canal Company was transferred in to the Peel Ports group.

The Bridgewater Canal is still owned and operated by the Manchester Ship Canal Company in conjunction with the Bridgewater Canal Trust.

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Historical Timeline

1759 - 1803

1759 - Early Days

1759-1761 - The process begins

1761-1776 - The next phase

1765 - Financial strain

1765 - From Sale to Stockport

1795 - From Worsley to Leigh

1803 - 2005

1803 - Death of the Duke

1825-1845 - Competition and Conflict

1872 - Change and Consolidation

1885 - Manchester Ship Canal Company acquires the canal and Barton Swing Bridge Built

1920's - present day

1971 - Bridgewater Canal Trust formed